Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Festivus Miracle!

I had to double check that this wasn't an Onion satire. The Washington Post editorializes about Iraq, titling it "A Good Year in Iraq," and concludes:

It's still too early to draw conclusions about Iraq, though many opponents of the war did so long ago. Mr. Maliki's government could easily go wrong; the coming year, which could end with the withdrawal of all remaining U.S. troops, will likely be just as challenging as this one. But the country's political class has repeatedly chosen democracy over dictatorship and accommodation over violence. If that keeps up, a rough version of Mr. Bush's dream may yet come true.

Well I'll be.

I could have sworn that the Post editors were one such group that drew conclusions about Iraq (that we were doomed) long ago, but never mind. This is amazing progress for them, I think.

I would like to protest that it may be too early to draw a conclusion about the ultimate success of Iraqi democracy, but it is not too early to draw conclusions about the war.

One, we ended the cruel Saddam regime.

Two, we liberated the Shias and Kurds from the threat of Saddam's regime.

Three, we ended the threat of Saddam's regime to its neighbors.

Four, we ended the threat of the Saddam regime supporting terrorism.

Five, we ended the threat of Saddam or his evil spawn getting weapons of mass destruction.

Six, we turned Iraq from an enemy into a friend and partner in the war on terror.

Seven, we defeated al Qaeda in battle inside Iraq, delivering a devastating blow to their organization and reputation.

Eight, we defeated Iran inside Iraq, turning back Tehran's attempts to spark civil war or deliver Iraq to Iran via their proxies.

Nine, we've set Iraq on the path to rule of law and democracy.

I probably could think of more if I took the time, but I'm blogging so time ran out when I typed "democracy."

Yes, we have a way to go on the ninth point to make sure that this is entrenched. So in that sense it is too early to draw conclusions. But if we stay engaged in Iraq and keep a robust military and civilian presence in Iraq to achieve this, the full version of President Bush's dream for Iraq--setting a revolutionary example of real democracy for the region in Iraq that rejects autocracy and Islamism as the current choices offered the Moslem world in the Middle East.

Not a bad record at all.