Monday, August 27, 2018

Compare and Contrast

Do you really wonder why I've long called the European Union proto-imperial project a long-term threat to America (and to the free West in general)? Behold.

Who does the EU want to help?

The European Union agreed 18 million euros ($20.6 mln) in aid for Iran on Thursday, including for the private sector, to help offset the impact of U.S. sanctions and salvage a 2015 deal that saw Tehran limit its nuclear ambitions.

The announcement is part of the bloc's high-profile efforts to support the nuclear accord that President Donald Trump abandoned in May. It is part of a wider package of 50 million euros earmarked for Iran in the EU budget. ...

The bloc's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in a statement the bloc was committed to cooperation with Iran.

Ah yes, good ol' Mogherini, friend to autocrats (which is how you know America is not becoming a dictatorship as some insist--if we were, she would embrace America).

And who does the EU want to hurt?

The European Union is unlikely to heed London's call for it to match the latest U.S. sanctions against Moscow over an attack on a former Russian spy in Britain earlier this year, diplomats in Brussels said.

And that's on top of the grief the EU is giving Britain in Brexit talks for daring to want to escape the imperial power being built on the continent.

So there you go. The EU wants to help Iran despite Iran's record of terrorism and support for mayhem--on top of a nuclear program. And the EU wants to shield Russia from British anger over Russia's use of poison gas on British territory to kill people.

So yeah, basically I do want the EU to die with festering boils. If left alone, the EU will become an empire that will eject American power from the continent and degrade the freedom that America helped Europe embrace after World War II:

It is easy to forget--and this [article cited above] was a useful reminder to me--that Europe with its autocracies and monarchies was not fully part of a free West (although obviously part of the Western tradition) until we rebuilt Western Europe in that template after World War II.

Europe is fully part of the free West because America helped make Europe fully part of the free West. The EU is a force working against that positive American influence to go back to the Europe of autocracies and strongmen whose legitimacy came from blood and soil rather than individual liberty.

It has long been in America's interest to prevent a hostile power from taking Europe and mobilizing its scientific, military, economic, and demographic potential to be used against America. We stopped the Kaiser, we stopped Hitler, and we stopped the USSR.

The EU will so obviously be a threat given time that I am astounded that any American--or any European who values freedom and liberty--can support the EU.