Thursday, August 30, 2018

Who Builds the Kalashnikov of Drones?

The AK-47 was cheap and easy to maintain--making it perfect for ill-trained troops and insurgents everywhere--which added to the body count of the "Cold War." A similar result could happen if a cheap mass-produced lethal drone is designed:

The AK-47 is at least as famous, if not more so, for its role fueling insurgencies and violent nonstate actors across the world. Which leads to the central question at the heart of a new report on the global military drone industry: Who will develop the AK-47 version of the drone?

I think that conventional air defense missiles and guns for our troops, relying on ground-based air defenses up the table of organization and on aircraft flying high in the sky won't protect the infantry at the pointy end of the stick from such a threat.

American infantry isn't used to facing enemy air attack. That will change in that gap in our defenses.

UPDATE: Countermeasures are hard.