Sunday, August 26, 2018

Allah is Not Iran's Copilot

I've gotten my hopes up before for the overthrow of the Iranian mullah regime, but disillusionment with the rulers sure seems persistent:

Since 2017 there have been more and more nationwide anti-government demonstrations in Iran, with Iranians calling for their leaders (Islamic clerics running a religious dictatorship) to quit and allow for a real democracy. The protestors call for an end to the corruption (the families of senior clerics live visibly luxurious lives) and the lies. This nationwide unrest has been brewing for some time. The clerics thought they had it fixed with the 2015 treaty that lifted the sanctions. They failed to note that when life did not improve, as long promised, after the sanctions were lifted in 2015 more and more Iranians realized that their continued poverty made it clear that the government lies included far more than economic ones and promises to reduce corruption.

Iranians are finding out that if Allah is on the regime's side, Allah is doing a piss poor job of making Iran great again. All the fake aircraft that the mullah-approved and Allah-inspired Iranian engineers put together over the decades are becoming known fakes among more Iranians who wonder what else the government has lied about.

Perhaps without a president who did not want to add another big problem to America's plate (Bush, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan) and without a president who wanted to make the evil regime his friend (Obama), American pressure on Iran can be a force for sustaining the Iranian people in their opposition to the mullah government.

Let's hope.

UPDATE: Iran will persist in their Syria expedition:

Iran's defense minister said Sunday his country will continue its support of the Syrian government to ensure improved security in the region, adding that the nature of the two countries cooperation won't be decided by a "third party."

Let's raise their costs.

UPDATE: Iran and Syria signed a defense agreement. Which likely means that Syria signed away sovereignty to Iran in certain areas of Syria where Iran can build the Syrian version of Hezbollah that has harmed Lebanon so much.