Saturday, January 02, 2016

A New Year's Resolution

As we face a new year with hope, let's not forget that jihadi enemies hate us and will try to kill us regardless of what we do or don't do.

So could the West have a New Year's resolution to stop asking "why do they hate us?" whenever jihadis kill us, as if it is our fault we dressed all slutty and walked around alone at night?

Remember, what the Hell doesn't set jihadis off?

UPDATE: Strategypage has a review of wars, starting off with the war against the jihadis.

UPDATE: As for the real question to ask, it is why do we hate us? Mark Steyn cited me (oddly, unfindable on the Macleans website) for this question. As I explained in this post:

Steyn was referring to this piece, where I once again expressed my amazement at the ability of some Westerners to hate our culture. Really, I don't blame our enemies for hating us. They are slime. Why wouldn't they hate us? But honestly, can't we in the West appreciate what we have and have the backbone to defend it?

Honestly, if we were a unified society proud of our achievements and what we represent, I really wouldn't worry about a bunch of pathetic cave dwellers who fantasize about destroying the West. We'd butcher them before lunch and be on with our lives.

But the sad fact is, many in the West would kneel before their beheaders and feel privileged to be killed by the jihadis.

Be proud of the Western civilization we built, whether you prioritize NASCAR or transgender issues (or even our Constitution). Because none of what we have appeals to the jihadis who would kill all of us--even you people who sport COEXIST bumper stickers on your hybrid cars--without blinking an eye.

And then get on with killing and defeating the jihadis, ultimately drying up the recruiting swamps that breed them.