Monday, January 25, 2016

Operation Anvil

ISIL in Syria and Iraq is under enough pressure that they are thinking of preparing Plan B in their Libya territory. Why won't France take command on this front now?

It is looking like it might not be Allah's will for Caliphate Prime to survive much longer:

Islamic State military losses in Syria and Iraq may prompt some of its leaders to relocate to Libya where they will face less pressure, the EU's counter-terrorism coordinator said Thursday.

So why doesn't France take command of the Libya front to break ISIL there and allow the Libyans to keep ISIL out?

This will also allow France to take a leading role rather than a slightly larger role in the effort we are leading in Iraq and Syria against ISIL?

Taking down the Libya citadel of ISIL would have the effect of helping secure France's position in West Africa where jihadis are running loose with a chaotic Libya hosting jihadis bolstering this threat.

And given the potential for a repeat of the bloody decade of the 1990s in Algeria because of poor leadership, corruption, and economic stagnation (or is the memory of the 1990s casualty toll strong enough to deter another round? Strategypage seems to think the government has the jihadis under enough pressure), it would be helpful if Libya was under stable governance to reduce the ability of jihadis in Algeria to use Libya as a deep sanctuary.

And helping the Libyans control the territory would help stifle the movement of migrants and refugees (and jihadis) to Europe. If France thinks the situation is bad now, wait until Algeria goes belly up with jihadis tearing apart the country and appealing to the many ethnic Algerians in France.

France really should focus on Libya and leave Iraq and Syria to the American-led effort.