Sunday, January 10, 2016

I Have a Question

The Left spent a couple decades or so explaining that the Iraq experience justifies a state's desire for nuclear weapons. Saddam got hammered twice (the second time fatally) by America, so Iran and North Korea understandably want nukes.

Sure, you can say that was done by the Bush family and that in an era of hope and change, states understand that we don't do that kind of stuff any more.

And when you add in a presidential Cairo outreach speech--enabled restoration of relations with the Islamic world after that dark age of regime change, well, who needs nukes at all?

But then North Korea goes and ruins the ride:

North Korea has defended its latest nuclear test, citing the fate of two toppled Middle East leaders, while flexing its military muscle by showing TV footage of a submarine-launched missile test.

A commentary published by the official KCNA news agency late Friday said the fate of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Moamer Kadhafi in Libya showed what happened when countries forsake their nuclear weapon ambitions.

That's gonna leave a mark. North Korea classifies President Obama's R2P (Responsibility to Protect) war against Libya with the Bush 43 war (of choice) against Iraq?


I have a question. Explain to me in light of that logic (which the Left used to agree with) why the other charter member of the Axis of Evil--Iran--agreed to a deal last year that the Obama administration claims ends Iran's nuclear ambitions?

The obvious answer is that Iran does not intend the nuclear deal to halt their nuclear ambition. Iran wants nuclear weapons (just like North Korea wants them).

Because the Iranian mullah rulers don't want to go the way of Khadaffi and Saddam.

The whole deal was based on Iran pretending to halt their nuclear ambitions and the West pretending to believe them.

Have a super sparkly day.