Thursday, January 14, 2016

Of Lashes and Backlashes That Never Arrive

A Moslem women went to a Trump rally and was left alone:

Kaddie Abdul, “an IT data engineer working in Silicon Valley,” decided to drive four hours to a Trump rally in Nevada to show how racist “those people” are. She wore her Muslim garb, held her Koran, and waited for someone to attack her. No one did. A few people gave her an odd look, but nary a nibble.

Not that this kept her from writing that Trump's supporters are racist buffoons. The article was written before she left Silicon Valley.

As the link suggests, if Ms. Abdul wants to see if she will be attacked, she should fly to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia on her own, rent a car, drive to Mecca, and walk around holding her Koran. That could get her caned, for sure.

Which would be better than committing the crime of being stuck in a burning building while female.

Meanwhile, ISIL jihadis attacked Indonesia:

Islamic State said it was behind an attack by suicide bombers and gunmen in the heart of Jakarta on Thursday, the first time the radical group has targeted the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Well, don't forget that al Qaeda targeted Indonesia a decade ago.

Damn Indonesia for invading Iraq, anyway! They were asking for it, now weren't they?

Face it, some people keep waiting for the inevitable "backlash" against Moslems that never comes.

But the actual "lash" against innocent people keeps arriving in our cities.