Monday, January 25, 2016

A New "Good" War

American forces have set up shop in Syria in small numbers:

US special forces and experts are setting up an airbase in northeast Syria as part of the battle against the Islamic State group, Syrian military and security sources said Saturday.

They told AFP work was underway to expand an airfield in Rmeilan, in Hasakeh province, from where aircraft used to take off to spray pesticides on crops before Syria's war started five years ago.

A Syrian military source said nearly 100 "American experts," alongside forces from the anti-IS Kurdish People's Protection Units had widened the landing strip and refurbished some infrastructure.

There will be no rallies by liberals protesting this escalation (and potential quagmire, naturally). Yes, for the next year, this will still be the "good war." Even with the revival of body counts.

That "good war" designation never lasts, of course. See Afghanistan.

But we can count on this being a good war for at least a year--if a Republican wins the presidency--but perhaps a bit longer if a Democrat wins.

But I freely confess that I lack the nuance to distinguish between good and bad wars.

And say, we can count on the Russians not to bomb this airbase, right?