Wednesday, January 13, 2016

No Word If We Asked For Another

Vice President Biden said that the Iranians helped our sailors in distress. And Secretary of State Kerry thanked Iran. My understanding of nuance really is low, isn't it?

Oh good grief:

The vice president explained that the “the Iranians picked up both boats — as we have picked up Iranian boats that needed to be rescued.” Iranian officials then “realized they were there in distress and said they would release them, and released them — like ordinary nations would do.” ...

At the same time, Secretary of State John Kerry issued a proclamation of gratitude to the Iranians, also emphasizing the “distress” in which they found themselves[.]

A proclamation of gratitude. How nice. Perhaps James Taylor will sing to the Iranians, too.

I'm no expert, but this looks more like a capture than a rescue--which usually has a lot more gratitude from the rescued being shown:

No word if our thanks was accompanied by a request for another.

Don't worry. We'll get more.

Question. Now that China has seen how we respond to the seizure of our Navy boats, how will they treat one of our ships the next time we try a freedom of navigation mission around a Chinese-claimed island?

Oh, and another thing. If Iran can make our female sailor cover her hair, can we force a captured Iranian woman to wear a bikini?

UPDATE: I've long said that the basis of our nuclear deal with Iran is as simple as understanding that Iran will pretend to not have a nuclear weapons program; and we will pretend to believe them.

Our whole relationship is now based on that pretend basis:

Appealing for the sailors' quick release, Kerry told [Iranian foreign minister] Zarif: "We can make this into what will be a good story for both of us," according to a senior State Department official. He repeated that message in follow-up calls, the official said.

So if Iran pretends that the nuclear deal is turning them into a reset, friendly, and responsible regional power for just a little bit, we'll pretend that this seizure of our crews and boats was actually a rescue by Iran that deserves our thanks.

What a good story!

UPDATE: Now we hear that this was a navigational error rather than a mechanical malfunction.

And I've heard there is some anger in military circles about how these boats were apparently on their own in hostile waters. Which is what I wondered about when this was reported.