Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worse Than a Crime. It Was a Blunder

Seriously? Ted Nugent doesn't find the target-rich environment of the failures of the Obama administration sufficient and he has to give the gift of sounding racist?

Let's say it together: President Obama is an American, Christian, president who is surely a loving father, a fine husband, and a joy to have a beer summit with (and who may have been a superb community organizer--whatever that is)--who happens to be a disaster of a president.

I have no idea if Nugent is racist. Sometimes when you are angry it is too easy to say something that you know is hurtful even if you don't actually believe it. But it sure sounded racist.

Just stick to the record. That's all you really have to address. Anything else should be out of bounds and--dare I say it--a sub-human response. MSNBC broke into a corporate orgasm when they heard that. And they say corporations aren't people!

Come on! We're Americans. We're all mongrels:

Well, okay. The president was never a soldier. And we might go to 13 and 3 after the Obama administration.

But we are all mutts. Which as everyone knows, is a mongrel dog.