Sunday, March 28, 2010

Visiting Our Major War Theater

News is that President Obama has arrived in Kabul.

Good for him. That's our primary war theater and he is the commander in chief. It will surely help morale that the president has taken this level of interest in seeing what is going on.

Such visits to a war zone should be rare, of course. The president's life should not be risked lightly--and that's even apart from the consideration of the next two in the line of succession.

Stay safe out there, Mr. President. And thanks.

UPDATE: Details:

The trip, its secrecy forced by security concerns, was an extraordinary capstone to a momentous week in Obama's presidency. He achieved the most ambitious domestic policy initiative in decades with a historic health care overhaul and scored first major foreign policy achievement with a significant new arms control treaty with Russia.

Obama landed in Afghanistan for a stay of just a few hours, all in darkness, after an overnight flight from Washington. He flew by helicopter from Bagram Air Field to the capital, where Karzai greeted him at the palace. It was Obama's second stop in a war zone as commander in chief, coming about a year after a similarly secretive trip to Iraq.

Battling corruption was a big part of the talks.
And I assume the nutroots and press won't slam the state of the war effort by mocking the fact that the president stayed only a few hours on the ground in Kabul, arriving and leaving in the dark.