Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Great Fight North

Canada's military may be small, but their troops are among the best in a fight.

Strategypage has a post on the Canadian military at war and why they have a good reputation.

I'm glad to have such troops at our side. I hope Canada doesn't withdraw from the fight as so many others have over the years.

UPDATE: Well, they're good fighters as long as they are in the fight. Canada's foreign minister confirms their exit:

“In 2011, we’re out,” Cannon said during the daily question period. “Canada’s military mission will end in 2011 and we will continue to have a development and diplomatic relationship with Afghanistan through the Canadian Embassy in Kabul,” he added at a Commons committee hearing later.

Pity. I'll not complaint when a willing ally calls it quits. I'll just thank them for fighting with us as long as they did. Canada will be missed on the ramparts. We'll have to pick up the slack.

But we'll fight together again, I think it is safe to conclude. Canada may be out, but our enemies continue to wage war against all of us.

UPDATE: At least Canadian imperialism will be beaten in 2011. You just can't make this stuff up. When I think of our campus faculty loons, I can at least contemplate the thought that it could be worse. Although I'm not sure that I should be comforted by that thought.