Saturday, March 20, 2010


Anti-war protesters are still upset that we won in Iraq. While they are too late to reverse our victory in Iraq, they hope to lose in Afghanistan as a consolation prize:

Protesters rallied at Lafayette Park across from the White House and then began marching through downtown seven years after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Seven protesters, including activist Cindy Sheehan, were arrested after the rally. Stops on the march route include military contractor Halliburton, the Mortgage Bankers Association and The Washington Post offices.

The protest — which calls for the immediate withdrawal of troops sent to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan — drew a smaller crowd than the tens of thousands who marched in 2006 and 2007. But organizers said many more people have become disenchanted with President Barack Obama, who has pledged to withdraw troops from Iraq, because he ordered more troops into Afghanistan.

The usual commies are involved. I guess they have to stay in practice in case they have to defend the Iranian or North Korean regimes.
Oh, you doubt me?
"We want to see the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq," said Corazon Esguerra with Act Now to Stop War and Racism or ANSWER, which organized the protest. "We want all the troops wherever they are to come back."

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark spoke at the Washington rally, calling on the Justice Department to investigate the officials who launched the Iraq war.

Later, activist and former U.S. presidential contender Ralph Nader said there has been no real difference in American foreign policy since Obama's election.

No, no. Not Clark or Nader, as odious as they are. ANSWER, the hard line communist group that was behind the big protests during the active fighting, is what I'm talking about. I'm grateful that the reporters mentioned this connection. During the major fighting, the fingerprints of ANSWER were often scrubbed in the press accounts of "ordinary people" protesting the war.
But short of digging up Saddam or his two sons and propping them up (with lots of air freshener), I don't think the protesters will get their happy dream of surrendering to the Baathists.

UPDATE: A trip down memory lane (tip to Instapundit).