Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Territorial Ambitions

I think it has been just over 25 years since the Iranians made a serious attempt to subvert Bahrain, the Sunni-ruled island with a Shia majority that Iran has long claimed as their own.

Iran has been making more noises about their claims lately. And Bahrain has noticed:

Iranian authorities have recently suggested seating Bahraini representatives in the Iranian parliament, categorizing Ahmadinejad's trips to the island nation as provincial trips, and broadcast interviews with Bahraini Shi'a predicting revolution within a year. Yesterday, Bahrain stopped allowing Iranians to travel to the island, and announced they were cutting off oil imports from Iran.

If Iran makes a try for Bahrain, where our Fifth Fleet has its headquarters, I hope we take the opportunity to really work over the Iranian Pasdaran. If Iran is going to test us, let's show them what a test really is.