Saturday, January 24, 2009


The Left loves Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

The Left loves President Obama.

Hugo seems to think, ah, poorly, of President Obama (from my Jane's email updates):

"It looks like the president-elect of the United States will be a new fiasco for his own people and for the world. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I think that with Obama the same stench is coming back." Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez' anti-US baiting returns after a brief lull as he assesses the incoming US president Barack Obama on 18 January [2009.]

What will our Left do? What will they think? A foreign Lefty loon leader hates the American president! That is as it should be! That has been the accepted Left position for 8 years!

But that president is now their man! The irresistible farce meets the immovable logic!

The pressure builds inside the skulls of our Leftists. I don't think they're going to make it four years.