Friday, July 25, 2008

Make Sure It is an Anti-Terrorism Agency

A group of world citizens wants to set up an anti-terrorism agency in the United Nations:

U.N. ambassadors from Costa Rica, Japan, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey suggested that the U.N. General Assembly create an agency for counterterrorism along the lines of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency.

To make sure that it passes any international test that might be given, right off the bat we're told it shouldn't focus on killing the troubled young waifs self-detonating in markets:

The panel, launched by the Swiss U.N. mission in November, is an attempt to involve more of the General Assembly's 192 member nations in fighting terrorism. It also seeks to shift some of the emphasis away from military or police work and onto grappling with interrelated social, economic and health factors.

And not just move it away from killing terrorists, move the struggle away from even arresting them.

Being a UN body, much like the UN Human Rights Committee membership is easily mistakable for the Most Wanted List up at your local post office, the Terrorism Committee will surely have a membership well versed in terrorism. It will probably be chaired by the Hamas delegation with al Qaeda given a non-voting observer status.

And the association with the IAEA is perhaps telling given this story about Iran and the IAEA:

A senior envoy said Friday that Iran wants to expand its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, but said the IAEA should not be cast as a "U.N. watchdog" looking for signs of secret nuclear weapons programs.

I'm not sure why the Iranians have any worries that the IAEA might function as a watchdog. Iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons since 1984 or so without any hint that the IAEA wishes to slow down Iran's progress toward nuclear weapons. So of course Iran would like to expand cooperation. Look what its done so far in running interference for the mullahs!

So look forward to the UN Terrorism Committee. I'm sure it will promote terrorism quite well. With reports in English and French, nicely bound and affixed with official seals and bright ribbons! Citizens of the world can expect no less.