Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Go Tell the Britons

The Iranian hostage crisis continues. This cannot be about the fifteen hostages alone. It is about the Iranian regime that would tear down our world of laws and rules even is it uses those laws and rules to shield themselves from our power. Free the hostages at the price of some small surrender, and there will be more some day.

And worse. The Iranians would destroy our culture and society if it was within their power to achieve (and they try to get that power). Notice how the only woman they grab, Faye Turney, is immediately slapped into Islamic garb:

The video showed Turney in checkered head scarf and her uniform eating with other sailors and marines. Later, wearing a white tunic and black head scarf, she sat in a room before floral curtains and smoked a cigarette.

The mullahs would do this to all British women if they could. To all women from London to Madrid to Los Angeles to Melbourne to Tokyo to Bombay. Submit or die. Those are the choices they give us.

Yet the British public seems oddly at ease with the indignities inflicted on their hostages by the Iranians. And oddly unconcerned with the jihadi threat to their nation and our culture and freedoms. The choice of our enemies for our fate must not be our choices. We must defeat them.

Truly, our government should start shipping DVDs of 300 to Britain. Blanket the island with this tale of freedom versus tyranny. As the British seem to go wobbly on us, remind them that they are a great nation still, with a military not to be trifled with. No, 300 is not history. It is just a story. But it is a story of free men standing against Persian tyranny. Oddly enough, this is the history we are writing today.

Yes indeed, this is a story that needs to be heard in the British Isles. Go tell the Britons.