Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Between Iraq and a Couple Hard Places

For a people who spent four centuries lording it over their more numerous social inferiors, Iraq's Sunnis have brought on lots of problems for themselves.

They could have portrayed themselves as liberated victims of Saddam and bought themselves a place in a new Iraq, but instead they tried to reclaim the glory days of neck stomping and stolen riches. They have little time to redeem themselves by uniting against the foreign Sunni jihadi invaders and their local allies.

Right now, the non-al Qaeda Sunnis find themselves losing to American forces fighting alongside the Iraqi government, angry Shias out for revenge, and evil jihadis who will strike at Sunnis who fight with us, using even chemical weapons to terrorize Sunni Arabs into supporting the jihadis.

Revolting against the government and its American and Coalition allies have brought the Sunni Arabs of Iraq to the point of near expulsion from central Iraq. Straddling the divide between revolt and the government isn't working, either. All sides attack them for failing to be 100%.

The Sunni Arabs of Iraq need to finally end their stubborn stupidity and fully side with the Iraqi government to defeat the jihadis. Really, it's the only option they haven't tried.

Only then can the Sunni Arabs earn their place in a new Iraq.