Wednesday, December 05, 2018

So Now a Blockade is Hybrid War, Too?

The Russian conflict with Ukraine in the Sea of Azov is "hybrid war" too?

At this point, "hybrid war" is simply anything Russia does to another country that doesn't involve using 1,000 tanks.

Just stop the nonsense and stop swooning over what in essence is a Western ability to pretend Russia isn't committing real aggression.

The claim in the initial article that the Sea of Azov incident "marks the first time that the Russian military has been undeniably responsible for an armed attack against Ukrainian forces" highlights the ability to ignore obvious Russian aggression since February 2014.

Although other than that odd ability to deny Russia's direct--if denied--role in taking Ukrainian territory and the title (which isn't in control of the author as I know--I've lost some brilliantly clever titles) it is a fine article and worth your time.

UPDATE: And the description of the Russian military effort to stop the small Ukrainian flotilla from entering the Sea of Azov in this article does not indicate any sophisticated "new" Russian hybrid war at sea.

The article notes that Ukraine can't get warships into the Sea of Azov to defend their rights as Russia can do.

What if Ukraine buys smaller container ships that make it into their ports and converts the container ships into auxiliary cruisers?

UPDATE: Russia has eased the subliminal blockade:

Mr Omelyan, Ukraine's infrastructure minister, said on Tuesday that ships were "navigating through the Kerch Strait to and from Ukrainian ports". "They are stopped and inspected by Russia as before, but the traffic has been partially restored."

Interesting. Is Russia worried this could escalate beyond the range that benefits Russia?

UPDATE: Russia did engage in disinformation long before the incident. Who believes that BS?

But disinformation isn't new, even if it is put on social media.

Fortunately, we have an ironclad method of determining when Russia lies--their lips move.