Sunday, October 29, 2017

I Am a Denier

I am a global warming "denier." So you can totally hate me and doubt I have the brain power of a mossy rock or have any faith in science (even as you reject genetically modified crops and vaccinations).

I am a denier because I accept that CO2 is a factor in warming the planet and recognize that mankind is putting CO2 into the atmosphere.

I am a denier because I accept that global temperatures have gone up for the last 150+ years (as the Little Ice Age receded); while mankind has been a factor in warming only since 1950.

I am a denier because since 1950, when mankind became a factor, temperatures have gone up; then gone down, leading scientists to say we faced a new Ice Age; then gone up, leading scientists to say we faced a scorched planet; then flattened, which scientists insisted was but a "pause" before going up again. All this variability occurred despite taking place in the era when mankind has had an effect on the atmosphere with increased CO2 production.

I am a denier because I've noticed that the models do not accurately reflect the actual planet in regard to actual temperatures.

I am a denier because I wonder why scientists keep "adjusting" modern temperature records upward and still can't get the predicted warming in the models they make.

I am a denier because I wonder why defending our current temperature is the hill to die on. Isn't it quite the coincidence that we apparently live in the climate ideal? If not, what is the climate ideal anyway? If we have it within our power to calibrate the global temperature, shouldn't we figure out what it should be set at? Is it, amazingly enough, our own temperature right now? Two degrees warmer? Two degrees cooler?

Yes, with all that, because I consider it unsettled as to whether a changing climate (as it always has been) means the sky is falling; and because I consider it unsettled as to whether mankind is the dominant factor in temperature changes or whether natural factors overwhelm mankind's contribution, I am a denier.

I am a denier because even if warming is a problem I don't think that policies that always seem to involve granting government--run by the people who believe in man-caused climate change--powers to run our lives and to harm economic growth are the proper solution.

I am a denier who should be punished as some global warming fanatics have demanded, as if I am a heretic who cannot be tolerated.

Yes, every fire, volcano, earthquake, hurricane, or any other natural disaster is considered by the climate change believers to be a sign of God's climate's wrath as punishment for our affluence.

And yet the science continues. Including science that focuses on the natural factors that have changed the climate long before 1950 added mankind to the factors that change the climate. I am a denier to note that doubts to Holy Orthodoxy Consensus exist.

Now go and emit no more.