Thursday, October 26, 2017

You Must Admit We Have a Different "German Problem" These Days

When a think tank based in Belgium, of all places, says Germany is "ducking military responsibility," you know you are truly avoiding basic responsibilities in defense.

Ah yes, the emperor has no clothes:

Germany needs to make a “sustained investment” in defense and stop “leaving the dirty work” to others, according to a new study.

The study, called “Jumping over its shadow,” was published Thursday and calls for Berlin to stop “ducking military responsibility.”

Germany is our friend and ally. Which is good.

But the Germans seem to think that a new German-Russian non-aggression pact is the way to go rather than bolstering their military and working with NATO to block the Russians:

Germany can’t exist without stable economic partners. It has never been self-sufficient since it reunified. It must explore alternatives.

The most obvious alternative for Germany has always been Russia, either through alliance or conquest.

Germany needs Russian raw materials. It also needs the Russian market to be far more robust than it is so that it can buy more German goods.

But Russia is incapable of rapid economic development without outside help, and with the collapse of oil prices, it needs rapid development to stabilize its economy. Germany needs Russia’s economy to succeed, and what it has to offer Russia is capital, technology, and management.

In exchange, Russia can offer raw materials and a workforce.

The last time such a grand outreach was achieved, the Germans just wanted a free hand to defeat the West before turning to destroy the USSR; and the Russians just wanted to buy time and territory to be strong enough to fight Germany.

The Germans are really going to trust the Russians without an army or a vigorous alliance with America in NATO as a safety net?

Ultimately, I think the Russians are too paranoid to really trust the Germans won't rearm and invade Russia for the third time (or is the fourth with the Teutonic Knights counted?).

My God, the Germans are truly exasperating:

I keep reading that the Germans hate their militaristic past so much that they don't want to fight.

Let's try applying the clue bat to Germany's collective skull on this issue.

Conquering and setting up death camps under the shield of a powerful military? That's bad. By all means, don't do that.

Having a military capable of fighting death cult enemies or stopping the Russians from moving west? Well, that's a good thing. Try doing that.

And God help us, the Germans are trying to disguise their lack of responsibility while infecting other European militaries with Germany's own inadequacies.

Why? Why would anyone grasp that kind of anchor when the waters are rising? The Germans, who threatened to starve Britain with submarines in two world wars, currently has no submarines in operation!

The German Navy’s six-strong fleet of submarines is completely out of commission after the only operational sub had an accident off the coast of Norway on Sunday.

When the Belgians are sneering at your military inadequacies, can you admit you have a problem?