Thursday, October 26, 2017

Missing the Point

This author basically says that President Trump doesn't understand that by opposing Iran's aggressive actions and nuclear drive, he is alienating from America Iranians who don't like their government and who actually are more favorable to America than the Iran of the revolutionary era.

This is fairly idiotic stuff unless the author is arguing that President Obama should have in 2009--and Trump should--support a pro-democracy revolt against the mullah-run regime.

Because if the author isn't arguing for regime change to get a government that the people of Iran actually tolerate, the author is very confused to apparently believe that we should give a damn that most Iranians will be really, really sad if their mullah rulers manage to nuke Charleston harbor with a ship-bomb out of some bizarre religious fervor:

I will draw no comfort if we don't attack [Iran's nuclear weapons infrastructure] out of fear of alienating the Iranian opponents of the regime, and those people become really, really sad after the mullahs slip a nuke into Charleston harbor.

Iran under the mullahs is our enemy and has been since the revolution:

The deputy commander of Iran’s notorious Quds Force bragged at a recent ceremony that his operatives have killed more Americans than U.S. troops have killed Iranian fighters.

The sooner we accept that Iran is at war with America and act on that reality (hopefully with non-military means that prevent the need to wage war) the better.