Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Paging Emma Lazarus

Do you ever wonder how refugees are selected before they even reach America?

As the Left freaks out about limits on refugees from Moslem war zones coming to America and an interest in prioritizing Christian Arab refugees, those turning the dial to 11 should keep in mind that Islamists tend to control Middle East refugee camps--even "UN" camps--that are the source of refugee candidates and that the Islamists got the subcontract to name candidates (for a price, of course) to head to the West. 

Also, most Arab Christians--who are most in need of refuge in the West--know to avoid those camps to avoid further harm at the hands of Islamists and so aren't even in the theoretical position to get a Golden Ticket from the UN to move to the West.

So if vetting refugees starts when they get here, we have serious problems. Reforming the UN should start with this travesty, I think.

Yeah, that angle didn't make it into to the poem on the Statue of Liberty.

So there's your fun fact for the day.

And read this on what is intended with Trump's order.

Oh, and related news, Pakistan finally shut down a "charity" known for supporting Islamist terrorism. Why did they do that now?

Funny you ask:

What caused this sudden change was the unexpected American threat to declare Pakistan a supporter of Islamic terrorism and restrict the movement of Pakistanis to and from the United States. What made this threat so convincing is that the newly (since January 20th) installed U.S. government started keeping campaign promises and banned seven nations (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen) that have long been the source of most Islamic terrorism.


UPDATE: Problems like this need to be resolved quickly. You'd think common sense would tell you not to handcuff a small child. The action was so dumb that I have to ask if the officer is qualified for the job or is politically motivated?

UPDATE: Is it a coincidence that Jewish centers are being threatened just as the Left claims Trump is anti-Moslem? The Left's alliance with radical Islamists means that antisemitism isn't just for actual Nazis.

UPDATE: Europeans are taking to their fainting couches over the Trump temporary travel order. In unrelated news the European Union has extended internal border controls to keep migrants/refugees from moving to other European countries.

And in a blatant example of Islamophobia, Bangladesh seeks to dump Moslem refugees from Burma on some typhoon-bait island so those people don't "intermingle" with the population.

And in the Americas, Argentina seeks to deport immigrants with criminal records. No sanctuary country there, I see.

Explain to me again why America is supposed to be uniquely unable to control and define lawful immigration?

UPDATE: An Iraqi archbishop wonders why protesters who are outraged that the president's executive order allows religion to be considered for refugee status weren't outraged over the last years when Christians and Yazidis were being killed on a large scale by ISIL jihadis.

Why? Probably for the same reason that human shields that flocked to Iraq before Iraq War 1.0 to "protect" Iraqi civilian facilities from American air attack didn't flock to Iraq after the fall of Mosul to protect Iraqi civilian facilities from ISIL terror attacks.