Thursday, December 15, 2016

Useless Idiots

The body count of the dwindling population of Christians in the Middle East mounts:

So-called Islamic State say it was behind a bomb attack on a church in Cairo on Sunday in which at least 25 people were killed.

One of its fighters carried out the suicide attack on the Coptic Christian cathedral, the group said in a statement.

Will all those morally confused "human shields" from Western Europe who flocked to Iraq in order to sit around convents and animal shelters so America wouldn't bomb them before we liberated the country from Saddam's tender mercies please rouse themselves to action by sitting in Christian churches in the Middle East to shield them from the jihadis?

Heck, I'm an equal-opportunity defender. Let them go back to Iraq, too, and park themselves at the entry of mosques to shield them from bombers who are eager to kill Moslems who aren't jihadis--or who are from a different sect of Islam.

Why yes, that is the sound of crickets you are hearing from the ranks of the oh-so-concerned Global Left.

UPDATE: You seriously want to be a Moslem in the so-called Islamophobic West far more than you'd want to be a Christian in much of the Moslem world:

Egyptian authorities have announced the arrest of four jihadist suspects.

But the authorities must go much further and address the kind of prejudice running through Egyptian society that for decades has fuelled attacks on Coptic Christians, said [Coptic Church spokesman Boulos] Halim.

"Police and military power have never been able to erase terrorism. It must be accompanied by the power of thought," he said.

Yes, the authorities arrested the suspects. But there are a lot of Christianophobic "reverse dog whistles" (everyone but Western liberals hear them) being sent and heard in Moslem countries that have nearly extinguished Christian communities in the Middle East, and which threatens that community in Egypt.

Do read it all. This need for a change in the power of thought is why it is a Long War.