Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lie Lie?

Is it true that "China’s J-20 stealth fighter [and Russian T-50] could break the monopoly of Western countries on fourth-generation fighters, perhaps even exerting a bigger influence than the American F-22 Raptor, according to Chinese military expert Li Li in a CCTV interview."

CCTV is based in China. So let's just call this "fake" news.

The F-22, and the B-2 and F-35 are (as was our retired F-117), fully stealthed aircraft.

The not yet deployed Chinese J-20 and the Russian T-50 are frontal-only stealth aircraft that must fly toward the radar to have stealth.

As I note in that post, if we need to match these Chinese and Russian planes--and if they are put into mass production they could, if you turn down the lights and squint, have a bigger influence than our two wings of F-22s--we have the F-15 Silent Eagle and a more stealthy version of the Super Hornet carrier plane that could be put into production for our Air Force and Navy.