Sunday, December 11, 2016

Is Castro's Grave Big Enough?

Let's hope this assessment is true:

Castro’s death not only provides communism’s coda but its perfect metaphor. The world’s governments are turning mental contortions over how to respond to the passing of Cuba’s dictator for half a century. Untroubled by protocol concerns, the rest of the world can simply recognize the obvious: Castro is taking communism to the grave with him.

Apparently, they were finally able to get Hell hot enough to properly receive Fidel Castro. On Nov. 25, after subjecting the Cuban people to decades of abuse and privation, Castro finally released it from his grip.

Communism's fanboys (and girls) in the West always perplexed me. These dreamy-eyed fools saw the poverty and autocracy that drained some people of hope and even life, and concluded that an ideology that promised to crush dissenting voices with unlimited state power and which promised to crush economic opportunity outside of that state could provide anything but more poverty and autocracy.

Sadly, as long as we have Western college faculty lounges, communism will live on as a false prophet of hope and progress.