Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tub is Great?

The notion popular on the Left--which our president has repeated--that we shouldn't get so worked up over Islamist terrorism because so many more Americans die from bathtub accidents is ludicrous and insulting.

Bathtub accidents are accidents that can happen in any bathtub. Are Democrats really claiming that jihadi terrorism can erupt from any Moslem? Really? It's just a random thing? Any Moslem can be just fine and then they slip and fall into terrorist thinking that ends in death and carnage? Seriously? Because that is what the comparison implies.

We are fully justified in trying to identity, stop, and kill the small minority of Moslems who want to wage a jihad on Infidels (who are anyone, including Moslems, who don't adhere to the jihadi version of Islam). The small minority of bathtubs that end up injuring Americans didn't decide to attack their users.

Nor do we arrest or otherwise retaliate against bathtubs that kill.

We don't do that because bathtub "killers" aren't killing quite literally "dirty" Americans as part of an international Bathtubist movement to convert all bathtubs into believers in the killer tub ideology.

Nor are those in favor of stricter bathtub safety standards considered Tubophobic.

Heck, it is even expected that our government can--and should--ban or recall dangerous designs.

So stop making that really stupid and insulting comparison of bathtubs and Islamist terrorism to justify just accepting and absorbing terrorism deaths without fighting back.

It's tough enough debating the bigger issues when stupidity like that is thrown out on a regular basis.

UPDATE: Huh, killer tubs may have allies from the depths. Tip to the Instapundit Borg.

UPDATE: Funny enough, any problems we have with our shower heads in our tubs come from our own government:

It’s a pretty astonishing fact, if you think about it. The government ruined our showers by truncating our personal rights to have a great shower even when we are willing to pay for one. Sure, you can hack your showerhead but each year this gets more difficult to do. Today it requires drills and hammers, whereas it used to just require a screwdriver.

The same government that tells us that tubs are a bigger threat than terrorists is complicit in making our time in the tub worse than it was.

Oh, but it is all for the glory of conservation, right? About that:

But wait: what about the need to conserve water? Well, the Department of the Interior says that domestic water use, which includes even the water you use on your lawn and flower beds, constitutes a mere 2% of the total, so this unrelenting misery spread by government regulations makes hardly a dent in the whole.

Ah yes, I'm from the government and I'm here to help. I do believe President Reagan said those were the most frightening words ever.

So this post belatedly gets tagged as an annoying thing.

Do read it all. Tip to Instapundit.