Monday, December 19, 2016

At the Apex of Self-Esteem Culture

Comedy Gold from our president:

"Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than it was eight years ago," the president said at a White House news conference on Friday before the Obama family's departure to Hawaii for its annual holiday vacation.

Given that President Obama said that our nation was an absolute disaster on those measures 8 years ago, that's a pretty low bar to set, isn't it?

And when the president promised that his very existence in the White House would generate massive good will that would make friends out of enemies and make friends eager to help us, how did that work out after 8 years of hope and change with that Smart Diplomacy multiplier?

Seriously, this is just sadly delusional:

On the foreign policy front, the president said he de-escalated the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and worked to forge new relationships with Iran and Cuba, as well as the Paris climate deal to combat man-made climate change.

The president was able to de-escalate the war in Iraq because Bush won it by the time Barack Obama was sworn in. Yet by failing to stay in Iraq the president stood by while Iraq collapsed, leading him to re-escalate our involvement with Iraq War 2.0! Winning!

As for Afghanistan, President Obama ordered to large escalations without allowing the military to carry out a two-stage offensive in the south and east. So after presiding over a massive increase in our casualties in that war, he refused to follow his military's plan and then withdrew are troops so quickly that his "de-escalation" is just giving jihadi enemies in the once-"good" war a shot at defeating our friendly government in a war that is anything but "de-escalated."

You know what I think of the farce of thinking that a nuclear deal with Iran will either stop Iran from going nuclear or make them our friend; or my view of relaxing pressure on Cuba with no noticeable concessions by that brutal communist dictatorship; or my view on the pretense that his religious observances foreign policy will have any effect on global warming.

And those were the highlights that he chose to boast about! But I guess in a world of no regrets, only highlights are left to discuss.

Face it, President Obama failed in reality and even on his own terms, and only making the comparison the unusual low point that Democrats had a hand in making with their role in the financial crisis and their role in undermining President Bush on foreign policy and the Iraq War in particular that at that moment had been won on the battlefield allows him to even pretend he was a successful president.

But pretend he does. And the eyes of his acolytes glaze over in loving awe as he speaks.

I guess our president already purchased and moved into his post-election home in The Bubble.

UPDATE: It is funny. Democrats will deny that President Obama has retreated in the face of our enemies, oddly able to cite things like how many areas we are fighting and the fact that President Obama will be the first president at war for two full terms; but the president does in fact boast about his ability to avoid reacting to threats. How is that anything but a confirmation of the retreat?