Monday, January 02, 2017

There is Evil Stalking the Land and it Isn't America

While the article doesn't mention that this is an issue of Islamist terrorism, this new twist on depravity by Boko Haram is reason number X that we are in a Long War on jihadi terrorism and ideology.

Tell me this isn't evil:

An attack in the town of Madagali [in Nigeria] on 13 January saw two women detonate their devices, killing themselves, two babies, and four others.

They had passed a vigilante checkpoint, mistaken for civilians because they were carrying infants.

The Nigerian jihadis have given us IEBs--improvised explosive babies. How innovative.

I suppose one question to explore the full extent of jihadi evil is whether the women were the mothers of the babies they carried to their deaths.

Which raises the great theological question in Islamist ideology of whether babies get to enjoy 72 virgins in Paradise for their selfless act of involuntary martyrdom.

Tell me again that it is awful to investigate even mothers and their babies trying to enter America as refugees.