Monday, March 21, 2016

This Will Work Out Just Swell

Under Democratic management, the city of New York is now fine with littering , urinating in public, and public alcohol consumption:

[The] NYPD’s announcement this week that it will no longer arrest those who litter, drink in public, or urinate on Manhattan streets will have an entirely predictable result on the quality of life in New York City. Gotham will become less orderly and, over time, less safe. Abandoning 25 years of successful public policy and expecting that the city won’t begin to revert to its former levels of disorder is worse than insane—it’s practically criminal.

Well, we wouldn't want to have an ugly "hands up, don't pee" incident, now would we?

It's always interesting to see what kind of future "progressives" want to make progress toward.

Haven't we seen how this works enough without falling for it yet again?

Sigh. But for those with no memory and no knowledge of history, it all seems so fresh and new--even when a confused, elderly man presents it.

It's no wonder young people are pro-Bernie Sanders. It wasn't so long ago that they believed in Santa Claus who brings neat stuff out of nowhere to give to good little boys and girls.

Tip to Instapundit for the NYC article.