Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pre-Peeled Trees and Atrocity Forests

The Bike Path Left has struck a blow against the atrocity of pre-peeled oranges. That's what they worry about?

Ah, victory:

‘Definitely our mistake’: Whole Foods pulls pre-peeled oranges from the shelves after being hammered on Twitter.

Yes, it does seem silly to pre-peel oranges, although people with arthritis might disagree. But the outrage mob won.

I don't understand why this segment of our population isn't the most aggressively supportive of the war on Islamist terrorists.

Our enemies wage an actual total war on women and have created societies where a gay couple can only dream of having to find a different baker to make their wedding cake.

Yet this segment of the perpetually outraged left can't seem to get a good outrage worked up to support the war on terror by killing and defeating jihadis.

Life is funny.