Monday, March 07, 2016

A Safe Zone from the Federal Government?

For the sake of our great nation, I pray this is anecdotal:

To the catalogue of anxieties her patients explore during therapy — marriage, children and careers — psychologist Alison Howard is now listening to a new source of stress: the political rise of Donald Trump.

Oh grow the ef up.

If you are an adult. Just deal. Work the problem, as I often say of our foreign problems rather than giving up.

I'm not biker tough guy or D-Boy special operator. I just grew up in Detroit and joined the Army National Guard. I manage not to curl up into a fetal position contemplating the presidency of somebody I think is a fool, a crook, or a clown.

I suppose this is more evidence that the federal government has too much power over your life. Fragile adult snowflakes--which is the natural result of college snowflakes growing up getting older--can't handle it.

Let's make our states safe zones from the federal government, eh?

UPDATE: Seriously, why are school lunch menus a federal issue? Do we have so few national and international problems these days that Washington, D.C. can turn its unblinking eye on this local issue?