Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas This Year is Very Early for Me

My opinion of Thomas Friedman's analysis is very low. As I'm wont to say, I'm not saying that you couldn't drown in a pool of Friedman's wisdom. But you would have to be drunk and face down to do so. Even New York Times reporters agree.

Thank you, Santa!

One current Times staffer told The Observer, “Tom Friedman is an embarrassment. I mean there are multiple blogs and Tumblrs and Twitter feeds that exist solely to make fun of his sort of blowhardy bullshit.” (Gawker has been particularly hard on Mr. Friedman, with Hamilton Nolan memorably skewering him in a column entitled “Tom Friedman Travels the World to Find Incredibly Uninteresting Platitudes,” as a “mustachioed soothsaying simpleton”; another column was titled “Tom Friedman Does Not Know What’s Happening Here,” and the @firetomfriedman Twitter account has more than 1,800 followers.)

Another Times reporter brought up Mr. Friedman, unsolicited, toward the end of a conversation that was generally positive about the editorial page: “I never got a note from Andy or anything like that. But I will say, regarding Friedman, there’s the sense that he’s on cruise control now that he’s his own brand. And no one is saying, ‘Hey, did you see the latest Friedman column?’ in the way they’ll talk about ‘Hey, Gail [Collins] was really funny today.’”

Hah! Even liberal reporters find him insufferable and banal!

And to top it off, I get my Festivus present early, too! The reporters resent the bloated editorial page staff and their editorial page products:

They’re completely reflexively liberal, utterly predictable, usually poorly written and totally ineffectual. I mean, just try and remember the last time that anybody was talking about one of those editorials. You know, I can think of one time recently, which is with the [Edward] Snowden stuff, but mostly nobody pays attention, and millions of dollars is being spent on that stuff.”

Reflexively liberal! Utterly predictable! Usually poorly written! The lack of self awareness is precious, isn't it?

But I sadly can't say the same for totally ineffectual, since they dominate the news coverage in what they cover, the tone of coverage, and what they don't cover as un-newsworthy.

I really have been a good boy.

UPDATE: Somewhat related.