Monday, April 08, 2013

The Real Reason I Don't Enable Comments

I know I've mentioned reasons I don't enable comments here, but the real reason is that if anyone is that upset with me, I'm hoping for this kind of feedback.

It's good to be the tsar (tip to Instapundit):

The Russian president was confronted by a topless protester with an obscene slogan insulting Mr Putin painted on her back - and, he admitted, he “liked” it.

Sure, I don't want to spend the time addressing even thoughtful comments (readers do have the email option); I don't want to be captured by comments that agree with me; lots of casual commenters are just idiots as any perusal of Yahoo! news will reveal; and despite the misguided complaints of one reader from Turkey, as an American my commitment to freedom of speech does not, in fact, require me to provide an outlet for those who disagree with me. It doesn't. I simply insist that my government not limit my speech. My Turkish commenter should have taken up any freedom of expression complaints with his own government.

But obviously that was all a lie. If you really dislike what I write, teach me a lesson and consider the topless protest. My email is at the left.

Better yet, if you like what I write, the same is appreciated. Email at the left, of course.