Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank You, France!

Start your countdown clock on when France announces an arms deal with China.

Ah, our friends the French:

China's President Xi Jinping and France's President Francois Hollande pledged to push for a world free of domination by any superpower Thursday as the French leader visited the Chinese capital in hopes of boosting trade amid his country's worsening economic woes.

Both leaders stressed their desire for a "multipolar" world that would dilute Washington's influence — though they did not mention the U.S. in their comments.

That's nice. We let France back into the military structure of the NATO alliance for this?

Remember, France sold amphibious warfare ships to Russia that would be handy for operations against Baltic states, Georgia in the Black Sea, and against Japan in the north.

If France is seeking to reduce their trade deficit with China, it won't be by selling more soft cheeses to China's growing middle class. No, it will be by selling French weapons and technology to China--cut off after Tiananmen Square. That's how France will get that desired "multi-polar" world--by strengthening China as an alternate pole.

Oh, and of course, let's send out a heartfelt "you're welcome" to France for our help in their fights with Libya and Mali. Because a stronger China is clearly all the thanks we will get from France for helping them--again.