Sunday, April 28, 2013


If the Obama administration hoped that refusing to sell Taiwan new F-16s would be a signal to China to restrain their aggressiveness based on newly felt national military power, China is not cooperating.

This news says that the Obama administration is thinking about selling Taiwan new F-16 fighters:

Steve Chabot, chair of the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific of the US House of Representatives, reportedly said Thursday that Washington is mulling whether to sell F-16C/Ds to Taipei and that Congress will very likely approve the sale, local media said yesterday.

The Taiwanese haven't been formally notified of anything. But the Obama administration actually has to decide to allow the sale of the planes to Taiwan rather than just mull the move. And Taiwan actually has to decide to buy the F-16s, of course. They failed to do that more than a decade ago when they had the chance.

That the Taiwanese really need to beef up their air power should be without a doubt. If the Taiwanese can't keep the Chinese air force at bay, Taiwan's fleet can't sail let alone fight; and the army will have to move under air attack to throw back Chinese forces that land (by sea or air) on Taiwan.

China is pushing where there is no resistance, so there needs to be more capacity to resist the Chinese.