Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Shelves are Empty

Somebody apparently hit a Sudanese arms factory recently with an air strike--either Israel or America (from Djibouti). Was the attack timed to keep the Iranians from picking up ammunition and taking it on to Syria?

This is interesting:

The arrival of the Iranian Navy’s helicopter carrier Kharg and its destroyer Admiral Shahid Naqdi on Sudan’s Red Sea coast late Monday raised questions over strengthening relations between Khartoum and Tehran.

“They’re saying it’s pure coincidence, that [the visit] has been planned for weeks, and has nothing to do with the factory explosion last week,” says one Westerner in Sudan, who asked not to be identified. “Maybe so, but it’s pretty clumsy timing and really raises the heat on both Khartoum and the Iranians over these alleged arms deals and links to Gaza and Hezbollah.”

I'd guess no link to Gaza since those would just go overland to be smuggled through Sinai. Going to Syria could mean arms for Assad's forces or for Hezbollah.

The planned visit may have assumed a major pick up. Perhaps now they pick up whatever is at hand and continue on their way north.

Oh, and the "helicopter carrier" is a supply vessel (although it carries a few helicopters) and the "destroyer" is a much smaller corvette.