Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Irish/Hungarians Wage War?

On the fiftieth anniversary of the Sino-Indian War, this author writes that the Chinese way of war is a surprise attack using local superiority of forces at a time when others are distracted.

I don't know if that is a particularly Chinese way of waging war in general. But it certainly can describe 1962.

And exploiting these concepts is exactly why I wrote years ago that if I was in charge of China that I'd invade Taiwan on the eve of the 2008 Peking Olympics.

I don't see how the 1962 "template" applies to the wars in Korea against America and United Nations forces and most recently, China's short war with Vietnam. But the author does mention several seizures of islands in the South China Sea as following the template.

Funny enough, I recently mentioned that if China goes to war with Japan over the Senkakus, if I was in charge of other countries I'd use the confusion of war to fortify my own claims while China was busy.

Concentrating force against enemy weakness in a surprise assault before the enemy can react and during a time when others will be distracted is hardly a Chinese thing.

That's just a war thing. That's why I assumed those characteristics for war and crisis involving China.

Unless this is a Chinese/Irish/Hungarian thing.