Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Defend What We Won in Europe

Keeping our military in Europe is no favor to Europeans. It is in our interest to defend what we won in Europe through two world wars and a Cold War.

This author wonders why American troops are still in Europe:

Washington has sharply reduced the number of American combat forces in Europe since the end of the Cold War, but a large U.S. military footprint remains. The Soviet “Evil Empire” has collapsed, Eastern Europe has switched sides, and America’s European allies now possess a collective GDP and population larger than the U.S. Why are American military personnel still stationed on the continent?

He loses credibility by complaining that past efforts to get Georgia to join were folly since Georgia is a liability and started a war with Russia in 2008. In fact, Georgia has long committed many troops to fighting at our side in Afghanistan; and anyone who believes Georgia started the war is a fool. Georgia may or may not have fired the first shot, but Russia was cocked and ready to attack.

Who on Earth believes the ramshackle Russian armed forces could react that fast to a Georgian attack and invade on such short notice?

Bueller? Anyone?

Well, the Europeans who "investigated" the war, that's who. If we want our interests in Europe to be defended, don't count on Europeans.

I answered the question of why to keep a robust US Army in Europe almost a decade ago. I stand by my assessment, and extend it to our military in general.

Pity those Europe-based assets weren't used in Benghazi. But that's a command problem and not a presence problem.