Friday, October 12, 2012

And Rosie Ruiz Won the Boston Marathon

Let's see, keeping America in Europe to keep Germany down and the Russians out kept the peace after World War II. And in the Balkans, American forces responded to ethnic violence and kept the violence from spreading on two separate occasions when the Europeans could not scrape up the will or troops to stop Serb aggression.

And in 2012, the European Union gets the Nobel Peace Prize:

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for promoting peace, democracy and human rights over six decades in an award seen as a morale boost as the bloc struggles to resolve its economic crisis.

The award served as a reminder that the EU had largely brought peace to a continent which tore itself apart in two world wars in which tens of millions died.

The EU has transformed most of Europe "from a continent of wars to a continent of peace," Nobel Committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said in announcing the award in Oslo.

Wow. We did the heavy lifting and after the event is over, the EU rushes to the front to claim credit.

I guess Rosie Ruiz won the Boston marathon, after all.

Actually, it is far worse than just a credit-grabbing stunt by a body unable to tie its own shoe laces. No, this reflects the bizarre Euro elite view that the people of Europe are responsible for the bloody history of Europe and only suppressing their warlike rages will allow enlightened rulers to keep their subjects quiet.

Democracy has nothing to do with the EU.