Monday, May 28, 2012

Off-Shoring American Jobs

If China ever decides to invade Taiwan, hitting Chinese bases across from Taiwan where ships stage or hitting air bases used to hit Taiwan or provide air cover for an invasion will be important. Start the attrition close to China's starting point and there is more chance that China loses enough along the entire embarkation to invasion path that Taiwan can hold--or at least buy time until America and Japan can help.

But for America to attack those Chinese bases is far more risky. Once we hit Chinese national territory, we automatically have escalated to where China can hit our national territory. Once we're exchanging blows on national territory, emotions might get too high to think rationally. Not that we should rule out doing that--especially if China is using their national territory to fire at our carriers. But it would be nice to put that decision off as much as possible.

So Taiwan's ability to do the job is a great thing for us:

Taiwan has for the first time deployed cruise missiles capable of striking key military bases along the southeast coast of the Chinese mainland, local media reported on Monday.

Mass production of the Taiwan-made "Hsiungfeng" (Brave Wind) 2E, which have a range of 500 kilometres (300 miles), has been completed and the missiles have come into service, the Liberty Times said, citing an unnamed military source. ...

"In case of war in the Taiwan Strait, the missiles could be used to attack the airports and other military bases of the People's Liberation Army."

He estimated that there were more than 100 of the Hsiungfeng 2E missiles pointing at China.

If China is attempting to invade Taiwan, Taiwan obviously doesn't need to worry about angering China. Taiwan lives or dies based on whether China can be stopped or not.

Let's up that number, Taiwan. China will try to knock them out in the opening hour of war, and every missile that survives will be needed. Plus, every Brave Wind that needs to be hit increases the number of targets China needs to hit, diluting the impact of their own 1,600-strong missiles force aimed at Taiwan.