Saturday, November 20, 2010

So, a German, a Turk, and a North African Walk Into the Reichstag ...

Just trying to stay a quiet, inoffensive nation that is sensitive to Islamist concerns and almost completely uninvolved in the combat with jihadis doesn't seem to have spared Germany the wrath of the jihadis:

Germany's decision to step up security measures this week was prompted by discovery of militant plans to break into the Reichstag parliament building and shoot hostages, a German magazine said on Saturday.

The weekly Der Spiegel, citing security officials, said a jihadist living abroad had informed them in recent telephone calls of a plan for armed militants to enter the 19th century building in central Berlin and open fire. It said police considered the information credible. ...

The jihadist, Der Spiegel reported, said the group of attackers was to be made up of six people. Two had already arrived in Berlin and another four, including a German, a Turk and a North African, were under way.

Let the "why do they hate us?" debates begin!

The Germans needs to start seriously fighting this war. They are a target and pretending they can opt out of the war is a bad joke.