Thursday, February 26, 2009

Greasing the Skids

Our press won't show the planes slamming into the World Trade Center or the people leaping to their deaths, in case it might rile up the Redneck-American population, but they will have a chance to showcase photos of our dead returning home:

The Obama administration is reversing an 18-year ban on news coverage of the return of war dead, allowing photographs of flag-covered caskets when families of the fallen troops agree, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.

Just in time for an escalation of our troops strength in Afghanistan, the president is providing the anti-war side with another tool to ensure our defeat by depressing home morale. There is no way to make a casket look anything but sad. And I dare say our press won't provide any context for the deaths of our troops.

I hope few military familiies provide approval for filming.

UPDATE: More on the decision. the quest to lift the ban has nothing to do with honoring the troops. I'm sure Code Pink and their friends will continue to lobby for blanket permission for film the caskets.