Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Luck

I wish President Obama, my president for the next four years, the best of luck. I want him to be a success, as I wrote after the election. I have not changed my mind. Indeed, on Iraq and security, President-elect Obama has made decisions that make me feel better for his tenure in office at least as far as Iraq goes. I'll take that as a vast improvement over what I feared.

I know I've been mocking hope and change a lot recently. Not that it doesn't deserve it, but understand that I mock the rubes in the press and public who chant it so fervently as if it means something. Surely even Obama is embarrassed to be replacing Elvis in the merchandising arena. I do not mock President Obama, who I want to be a successful president.

Yes, I shall miss President Bush who I greatly respect, but his time is past. I hope history will do a better job of judging his presidency on his accomplishments in defending us than the idiot-savantes who judge him poorly now. He deserves far better than that for the courage he displayed in defending us despite the shrill harping of Leftist critics who had no idea of the responsibilities that Bush bore on his shoulders. We have been lucky to have him lead us the last eight years.

So govern well, President Obama. You are a wartime president with responsibilities that even now you are only just beginning to appreciate. Right now you may even think you have it made since the press has allowed you a full-blown celebration of an inauguration (expenses be damned, we're happy!) when the press demanded sack cloth and ashes in penance from the Bush victory parties in 2001 and 2005. But you will find that your responsibilities extend beyond keeping the editorial offices of the major papers and television news outfits stupified on hope and change rhetoric that sends thrills up their legs.

And for God's sake, stay healthy, Mr. President. Joe Biden is next in line to succeed you should anything bad happen. No American wants that.