Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Right to the Heart of the Matter

We may have nailed a senior al Qaeda leader inside Pakistan with what was likely a Predator strike.

The article highlights the basic problem we and Pakistan are having:

The recent missile strikes in the border region have strained Pakistan's relations with Washington, particularly since a new government took power nearly four months ago and sidelined the U.S.-allied President Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistani officials are seeking peace agreements in the border region in hopes of curbing Islamic extremists who have been blamed for a wave of suicide attacks across the country in the past year.

NATO contends the cease-fire deals have allowed militants based in the frontier region to step up attacks in Afghanistan, while U.S. officials warn that al-Qaida leaders hiding along the border could be plotting another Sept. 11-style attack on the West.

Pakistan won't control their border to keep jihadis from attacking us in Afghanistan. Instead the Pakistanis make deals with the jihadis to keep them from attacking Pakistani cities. The Taliban and al Qaeda attack us in Afghanistan from their Pakistan sanctuary. Our occasional strikes on jihadis inside Pakistan show we don't buy the Pakistani line and highlight the failure of the Pakistani policy to actually control their frontier areas.