Monday, September 24, 2007

Quality Versus Quantity

Strategypage has an excellent overview of precision on the battlefield.

The conclusion:

Price is not really a factor when it comes to these weapons. The whole point of smart (much more accurate) munitions is to reduce the number of explosions, and to only blow up what needs to be destroyed. The proliferation of rockets, smart bombs and missiles, from those with a pound of explosives (LAW) to 500 pound bombs (with 280 pounds), gives troops a lot of flexibility on the battlefield. This makes American troops much more lethal, and greatly reduces friendly, and civilian, casualties.

Yet lunatics on the Left can still accuse us of killing hundreds of thousands or even a million innocent civilians in Iraq since we overthrew Saddam's cruel regime. Our weapons, tactics, and basic decency do not deter such accusations any more than the lack of bodies.

Strides in technology and careful use of firepower are no match for the strides in vile enemy propaganda and the willing suspension of disbelief about our military tactics that too many here exercise.