Thursday, March 15, 2007

So, What's Your Car Bomb Footprint?

The global warming crowd is basically the 700 Club without the bad press. They really do resemble "the end is nigh" freaks more than anything else.

And amazingly enough, these global warming fanatics truly believe that rising temperatures are more dire and imminent than evil men plotting right now to kill us in the millions if they can and in the dozens or scores until then just to keep in practice.

This is my one guilty pleasure that I indulge in now and again on the flimsy pretense that since the world bashes us over Kyoto it is kind of an international affairs issue.

I guess I also like to post on this issue since I think it shows that my analysis of events is not unduly swayed by conventional wisdom. I like to believe that I can avoid pressure and call events as I see them. When my reading of the issue leads me to question the global warming "consensus" and realize that there is no such consensus anyway, it makes me feel better that I can resist the temptation to alter my analysis of foreign events to match my biases. Certainly, I want to win the war we are in, but I hope that I don't just substitute desires for facts. I hope.

And it reassures me that yes, the press can get a big story wrong day after day and year after year. As long as they are all wrong the same way they never notice.

Anyway, Orson Scott Card has a nice essay on the hockey stick fraud that is the key argument for global warming scare tactics. My enjoyment was lessened by knowing what he was getting at from the start.

Card finishes up:

It is time for us to laugh at the ideologues who try to pretend that any criticism of Global Warming alarmism is idiotic and unscientific. They are the ones who ignore the data; they are the ones who believe on faith alone, without evidence; and, most important, they are the ones who are trying to stifle the opposition without answering it.

The Global Warming alarmists are the anti-science religion that is trying to forcibly indoctrinate and convert everyone while suppressing dissent. And the news media are their patsies, their stooges, their puppets.

The sad thing is that not all of the global warmer's goals are bad. But they demand the full acceptance of their entire belief set. Anything less is heresy and they will crusade against any deviation from their one holy and apostolic science.

Carbon neutral Americans? I'm more concerned about jihadis becoming car bomb neutral.