Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Taiwanese Need to Be an Ally and Not an Objective

The fate of Taiwan is more than a question of a small free democracy surviving the grasping claws of an evil communist behemoth looming over it:

Those focusing on whether China can sink a U.S. aircraft carrier or lob missiles at Guam are missing the larger problem. And it is not about the tragic loss of a democratic friend in Asia.

The nightmare is how the strategic landscape will radically change if China controls Taiwan, either by political or brutal force.

Yes. The article describes the assets China would have if it controlled Taiwan.

I've long gone on about how Taiwan under China's control is a power projection platform for China rather than being the cork in the bottle that blocks China's projection of power past the western Pacific littorals:

Clearly, even if we cared not one whit for Taiwanese democracy and independence, blocking Chinese efforts to dominate the seas around them requires a friendly Taiwan as a figurative cork in the bottle penning China's fleet close to shore.

But unfortunately for Taiwan, their unwillingness to pay for an adequate defense means I cannot support selling them our most advanced weapons lest they be captured by China in a successful invasion of Taiwan that not only provides a power projection platform but gives China close access to our best weapons that would be key to containing a Chinese drive to push past the first island chain and isolate our western Pacific allies from our power.

Oh, and while I want Taiwan to defend themselves for the sake of their liberty and for the sake of our security by giving us a reason to intervene to save them (that is, by giving our intervention a good shot at working rather than being futile), Taiwan needs to arm up to prevent America from becoming a threat.

Remember, if Taiwan is controlled by a hostile China and is a power projection platform for China, America has the incentive to build the capability to destroy Taiwan as a Chinese power projection platform. That's just a sad reality.

If Taiwan isn't strong enough for us to fight with at their side, we will fight China over controlling the battlefield of Taiwan. So Taiwan will face attacks from China and America. Or do you think we didn't bomb France after the Germans took it over in 1940 just because the French had been our friend?

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