Saturday, July 08, 2017


Germany is potentially the most powerful European state that would be invaluable in defending NATO Europe. Instead Germany is weak link.

Oh good:

While German media promote fantastic stories of a Trump-Russian nexus, it is oblivious to its own deep nexus with Russia that stretches across the political spectrum. Former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is a board member of Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned natural gas monopoly. The German government’s economics minister and foreign minister (both members of the German Grand Coalition) openly favor deeper business ties with Russia despite its illegal Crimean annexation, armed conflict in Ukraine, and clandestine cyberattacks throughout Europe. To these misdeeds, Germany’s powerful Putin Versteher (“Understanders”) say that politics should not stand in the way of business.

I noted this pipeline collusion by institutional Europe recently.

Don't doubt that the Poles are happy to have American troops in Poland given the need to keep the Russians out and the Germans down, eh?

UPDATED: Related.